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Diagnostic Instruments
Anesthesia Instruments
Puncture Instruments
General Instruments
Suture Instruments
Plaster Instruments
Bone Instruments
Tracheotomy Instruments
Goitre Instruments
Dermatology Instruments
Stomach, Intestine and Rectum Instruments
Kidney, Liver and Gall Stone Instruments
Bladder And Urology Instruments
Gynecology Instruments
Obstetrics Instruments
Cardiovascular Instruments
Ophthalomogy Instruments
Neuro and Leminectomy Instruments
Pituitary Instruments
Micro Instruments
Rhoton Micro surgical Instruments
Jannetta microsurgical Instruments
Otology Instruments
Rhinology Instruments
Oral Instruments
Tonsil Instruments
Laryngo Broncho Esophagoscopy Instruments
Broncho Esophagoscopy Instruments
Sterilizing Instruments
Percussion Hammers
scalpel handles
Haemostatic Forceps
wound,trachea & vein retractors
towl clamps
organ,tissue and intestianl grasping,peritoneum forceps
intesinal grasping and clams soft elastic
intesinal clams soft elastic
gastro -intestinal forceps, twin
intestinal and pylorus clamps
sponge and dressing forceps
clip applying and removing forceps/ kidney clamps
uterine dressing & elevating forceps
uterine Tenaculam Forceps, Tracheal Dilators & Endospecula for cervix
needle Holder
delicate scissors
Dissecting scissors
surgical & Dissecting scissors
Bandage, cloth and plaster scissors
Bulldog champs &non-tramatic haemostatic forceps
Tangential occlusion clamps
Aorta-anastomosis clamps
Non-tranmatic Haemostatic forrceps & froceps
Delicate & Non-traumatic dissecting forceps
Dissecting, tissue & Splinter forceps
Non-traumatic dissecting forceps
Retractors, abdominal Retractors
self-retaining Retractors
Adbominal Retractors
Punches & biopsy forceps
biopsy forceps for rectum
biopsy forceps
pecula and spbinctreoscopes
Nasal specula
vaginal specula
vaginal specula and suction instruments
suction instruments
Utrine probes
Utrine curettes
Utrine dilators
Obstetrics-pelvimeters & forceps
Obstetrics- forceps
Obstetrics- perforator,craniclast,basiotribe
Reposition forceps,bone holding forceps
Bone holding forceps
Bone rongeurs
Bone cutting forceps
Bone curettes
Tboracic retractors
Rib spreaders and contractors
Rib sbears
plaster spreader and cutting pliers
Wire cutting pliers , lateral cutting Action
Amalgam Carrier
Amalgam Condensers and Pluggers
Bone Instruments
Cavity Liners
Cement Spatulas
Cleoid Discoids
Cotton & Dressing Forceps
Dental Scalers
Endodontic Instruments
Extracting Forceps
Impression Trays
Mirror Handles
Needle Holders
Orthodontic Instruments
Periodontal Pocket Probes
Periodontal Pocket Probes / Explorers
Periosteal Elevators
Plastic Filling Instruments
Scalpel Handles
TC Instruments
Waxing Instruments
Extracting Forceps, English Pattern
Extracting Forceps With Alpha Handle
Extracting Forceps for Childrens
Extracting Forceps, American Pattern
Root Elevators
Amalgam Instruments
Plastic Filling Instruments
Cemment Spatulas
Periodontia Instruments
Probes & Explores
Nerve Instruments
Cutting Instruments
Wax, Porcelian and Modeling Carvers
Crown Instruments
Mertix Retainers / Matrix Bands
Impression Trays
Pliers of Orthodontics
Haemostatic Forceps
Needle Holder
Bone Cutting Forceps
Dermal Punch/ Probes/ Guaze Packer/ Lip Retractors/ Toungue/Depressor
Mouth Gags
Bone Curettes
Extracting Instruments Sets For Oral Surgery
Periodontial Instruments Set
Pliers for Orthodontics and Prosthetics Pinces Your I'orthodontie
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